Turkish Rugs

Ebi has long been a fan of Turish hand-made antique carpets, rugs and textiles. Turkish craftsmanship hundreds of years in the making has resulted in the most elegant and sophisticated silk rugs available in the world today. Modern Turkish rugs pay homage to Turkish cultural heritage from the Ushak carpet tradition, but the Hereke silk rug style only really started to gain prominence when they were presented as gifts to visiting dignitaries such as Queen Victoria. Ever since, these rugs became a staple of the elite household and have decorated floors and walls in mansion houses throughout the world ever since.

Ushak Carpets

Ushak carpets can be traced back to the most ancient civilisations and rugweaving traditions in the region we now call Turkey, prized for their hardwearing pile and resilience against Mediterranean weather conditions. The peak of Ushak design saw a confluence of Eastern and Western visual languages into a multicultural design tradition that could thrive on the European market, so they became a collectors piece in homes across the continent at the height of colonialism.

The downfall of colonialism and the distribution of these pieces across the world has meant that both Ushak and Hereke rugs appearing on the market draws great interest from both dealers and buyers.

Owning a high quality Ushak or Hereke is therefore a valuable investment that can yield great returns later if you begin selling assets or for later generations, or can decorate your home to enjoy for decades with correct maintenance from the Carpet Restoration Studio workshop.