We have supplied homes for over 100 years with elegant carpets, rugs and textiles

We have supplied homes for over 100 years with elegant rugs from many different regional backgrounds and periods, from 200 year old pieces to modern replicas.

Antique rug craftsmen have populated cities and rural settlements in the Near East for centuries, learning their craft and developing techniques in pre-industrial times. The fact that hand-crafted persian rugs and the art of producing them has survived the manufacturing revolution is testament to the difficulty of this technique and the supreme quality that the hands-on approach yields. Their striking beauty and the high level of skill required to weave authentic rugs has meant that an antique Persian rug holds a high market value and is therefore a valuable luxury many cannot possess.

We are a family owned business

As a family business we pride ourselves on the reputation gained by supplying quality display pieces and respects the needs of the homeowner.

We offer full service rug cleanings and repairs and advice on correct rug maintenance from our dedicated restoration workshop.

We specialise in antique rugs, oriental carpets and textiles from throughout Europe, the Near East, China  and the Eurasian Steppe such as European Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets or Persian and Turkish rugs and kilims.