Maintenance & Care is the key to Value

Yes, you will own a robust heirloom that has survived the rigours of use in some instances over 200 years. However, the key to keeping the condition of your restored/original carpet, rug, or textile in pristine order is to maintain it properly. Try to avoid modern-day detergents and book them in on a regular basis to the care & maintenance service at Ebi’s restoration workshop.

With correct maintenance and care, Oriental rugs look as good as new for several years, adding value to your home, and to the homes of future generations.

Oriental rugs have been in families for several generations. When you buy a hand-woven or hand-knotted wool Oriental rug from Ebi Shafagh, you are purchasing a beautiful piece of décor that will likely last several more generations.

Environmentally friendly and sustainability – Antique rugs are for the future too.

The maintenance, restoration, and repair of Oriental carpets, rugs and textiles is without doubt a sound investment for your lifestyle, the future, and the world. This is a strong comment however, there are very few investments that help the enviroment, save history and culture and you get to enjoy it on a daily basis.

It is truly a win-win-win situation for you and the Ecological landscape.

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled reputation and personal service tailored to each of our clients’ requirements, and we strive to make your oriental carpet look pristine and untouched. Ebi Shafagh will offer advice on the cleaning, repair and care of your carpets and understand how important these cultural masterpieces are to you and your family.

Be it a small tribal rug or a large decorative room sized carpet – we’re here to help ensure that it stays vibrant and beautiful for many years to come, with little hassle.